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During your first visit, an in depth health history will be taken including information on your dietary & lifestyle habits. An assessment is made after analyzing your health profile from a herbal perspective. If you have any other health reports, these are also used, but not necessary in forming a complete picture of your health.

Once an assessment of your health has been made, a health plan is designed based on your present condition, your individual constitution, & all other necessary information. 

Diet & Lifestyle advice may also be provided when applicable.

Initial Consultation (60 min)

Follow-up Consultations (30-40 mins)

Children Under 18 years
Initial Consultation (60-90 min)

Follow-up Consultations (20-40 mins)

Phone Consultation (15 min)
$80 per 15 min. 
Available to those who have had at least one follow-up. 

Most insurance companies  offer coverage under Naturopathy. 

Receipts for Herbal consultations will be given under Naturopathy. 

Medicines are not covered by insurance. 

You are encouraged to enquire with your insurance companies regarding your individual policy coverage. 
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