The aim of Herbal Medicine is to help bring the individual back to a state of health & balance. This is done by addressing the underlying cause of any imbalance. 
Medical Herbalists incorporate their knowledge of medicinal plants, diet, nutrition, lifestyle & constitutional assessment to provide a holistic treatment plan unique to each individual. 

Some Herbalists may also include elements of traditional medical systems from around the world such as Ayurveda (India), Traditional Chinese Medicine (China), Humoral (Greek) Medicine, Unani Tibb (Greco-Arabic) Medicine. 
Herbal Medicine uses plants with medicinal properties to support the body in its natural healing process. It is a holistic healing art form integrating all aspects of a person's health (physical, mental, emotional, & spiritual) by analyzing your health from an alternative health perspective and designing a health program that is unique to your individual needs

Herbal Medicine uses various parts of medicinal plants like the roots, leaves, stems, flowers, seeds, and tree barks. Some remedies use all parts of a plant so the entire energy of the plant is captured and passed on to the individual when consumed.

Medicinal herbs are consumed in 3 common ways: Tinctures, powders and teas. Tinctures are water & alcoholic based extracts. Powders are made from dried plant parts and teas can be infused from either the fresh or dried plant.

Herbal Medicine is an important part of our daily lives. A lot of us have forgotten that most remedies are available right at our fingertips. In fact, they grow all around us! The beautiful dandelions that most consider as weeds make incredible healing remedies. The pungent garlic that is added to pasta sauce is a natural antibiotic in its raw form.
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